Codeless GUI Programming

  A Declarative Syntax Layer for Desktop Graphical User Interfaces

FreeTUIT has the potential to be a game-changing advancement in the development of desktop graphical user interfaces (GUIs). FreeTUIT removes the verbosity, tedium, and confusion from GUI development and provides a unified syntax for widget layout and configuration which supports good software design practice without getting in the way of rapid application development.

FreeTUIT is a syntax and runtime for concisely declaring the layout and configuration of GUI widgets (such as forms, toolbars, buttons, and dialogs). The freetuit interpreter drives a unified object layer which is accessible from event callbacks. This takes you from a blank page to a static demo of the layout with zero setup and allows desktop applications to be developed and deployed faster than web applications by simply removing the HTML, CSS, XML, HTTP, Javascript, Database, Network, and User Agent components.

This talk covers the basic ideas of GUI programming, the reasoning behind FreeTUIT, and the current vision for the future.

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