Reloading Konqueror Windows with SGI::FAM

The reloader is a little script that I threw together to refresh a konqueror window based on when a file changes. This relies on the extremely neat (but somewhat lacking in API) DCOP mechanism, and should work even if you're not running KDE. Though, the secret is that if you're running konqueror, you're running KDE, but anyway, I bet you can do it from your Gnome desktop if you're so inclined.

You will need the IPC::Run and SGI::FAM modules, and maybe a few other things. See the latest code for dependencies.

Configuring Vim Correctly

Vim has a default setting of creating a backup file and then deleting it every time you save. This causes FAM to see a delete event followed (much later) by a create event, and this really slows down the process. If you can live with your vim writing into the file like the rest of the world (I've checked emacs and kwrite), then you can put the following in your ~/.vimrc file:

  set nobackup
  set nowritebackup

This will make FAM see a "change" rather than the "delete... ... ...create" thing. Much faster. Incidentally, if you're editing via a symlink (as I was when I first tested this) you won't see this problem regardless of the settings.

That gives you a usage model something like this:

  reloader -c http://localhost:3000/

Which can be really handy for developing a standalone server. But, I'm not making any promises about how robust this is. Maybe it works in the case where you need it.

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