Seat-of-the-pants Development with a Safety Line

The codelink portion of my subversion repository started out like most of my projects with the intent to become a Perl module and some scripts that use the module.  Currently, it hasn't progressed past the stage of several scripts and a lot of notes, even though I use the scripts on a daily basis to do things that I never intended them to do when I set-out to write them.

Forest for the Trees

What it basically comes down to is a symlink tree and a set of conventions.  If you're not running a system that supports symlinks (e.g. *nix, Linux, BSD, Mac - all the big contenders), then you might have a hard time making this work. You may be familiar with such approaches from stow or other tools. This focusses specifically on source code (somewhat specifically on Perl) and has support for skipping .svn directories

Related Tools

This methodology has spawned a few tools which may be of more general interest.  For instance, a perl module oriented version of which (which_module), as well as a symlinked svn client (linked_svn), and several tools for managing an svn repository (svn_adder, etc.)

Show me the Code

Better documentation and packages coming soon™. See the write-up for English gibberish and grab the sources from the bin directory. You'll need to get the tools to get the tools (bootstrap the system), but that shouldn't be too bad.  Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

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