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Subversion Backup Tools

Tools for managing backups of a subversion repository which allow you to schedule various backups at different revisions.

SVN for OpenOffice Files

Unpacking and checking-in the zip files that are the openoffice document format (sxw, sxc, sxd) is something that many people have thought of, but there are just enough tricky bits in there to make doing it manually tedious.  Not the least of these is the lack of linebreaks in the xml.  This tool isn't perfect ($yet= Fri Feb 10, 2006), but it's a start.

Disassembled POD Editing

This got started while I was working on a new release of 8 distributions with 21 Perl modules which had accumulated various contact, license, and copyright info over the years, as well as having changed my mind about keeping the "Changes" section inline to the main code.  By breaking the pod sections into individual pieces, a few simple shell commands allow you to edit all of them simultaneously without attempting a difficult and fragile multi-line search/replace.

Live Install System

The Live Install system is an idea/method that I've been trying to evolve into a high-speed software coding, revision control, and distribution standard.

Reloading Konqueror Windows with SGI::FAM

A browser refresh tool that watches the file (or directory) which you are currently editing to know when to reload.


The Subversion Repository is a pile of cryptic and sometimes buggy code (enter at your own risk.)  That's the latest version of any given thing, so you may want to look to CPAN for more stable, older versions.

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