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CAD::Drawing is a collection of Perl modules which facilitates input/output and manipulation of vector graphics in various formats. Visit the CPAN for documentation and downloads.


VectorSection is a system of file converters and a general-purpose geometry storage/translator scheme, as well as a breakthrough paradigm in interoperability and real-time collaboration.


FreeTUIT is a syntax and runtime for concisely declaring the layout and configuration of GUI widgets (such as forms, toolbars, buttons, and dialogs).


This little wxWidgets tool streamlines the process of cropping and resizing multiple images to the same destination size. It does not intend to be a general-purpose image editor. It allows you to change the crop size with the mouse wheel, then simply click to set the crop position, and move to the next image. This means you can crop several pictures very quickly.

The current interface is completely sparse (it takes all of its options from the command line and saves outputs in the current directory), but it serves as example code for using the Wx::Image classes and it does exactly what it says on the label.


Here you will find a motley assortment of code and information intended for software developers.

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