I have used Perl to clad museums with metal, analyze network data, control fuel pumps, convert data formats, create client/server applications, build websites, and simplify database applications. My CPAN modules range from CAD/graphics/math utilities to hardware interfaces and system tools. I also help maintain the Module::Build toolkit and contribute to various Perl developer tools like PAR and TAP::Harness.

Whether you need to solve a tough problem on a tight deadline or are looking to improve your team's development process, I can help. I have a deep and broad knowledge of Perl and have worked with teams of all shapes and sizes to improve processes and solve difficult problems. I know the ins and outs of various operating systems, Perl versions, and CPAN modules and I consistently deliver robust, maintainable code.

I'm available for hourly consulting or ongoing contracts. Contact me to learn how I can solve your problem.

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